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Message from our Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to Hicom-Yamaha Manufacturing Malaysia (HYMM) website.
HYMM is an exciting and a company with family-friendly atmosphere and strong dedication to customer satisfaction.

With our experience management team, emphasis and strength in continuous improvement we are fully committed to produce best quality products to our customers.

Established in 1983, our principal activities are to manufacture i.e. machining and assembly of Yamaha motorcycle engines and parts thereof.

Our business operations and culture are anchored in our Vision, Mission and core values. It is our firm belief that by embracing these strategic direction we will achieve success.

Raja Mohammad Hasbi B. Raja Hassan

KSRHY (Sports Club)

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Our Business Partners

Docs / SupportAt Hicom-Yamaha we are committed to our business partners. We take great pride in our relationships with our partners

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